AmyTownsend (amytownsend) wrote,

Writer's Block: Another sleepless night

Do you suffer from occasional or frequent insomnia? Do you have any special tricks or remedies? How does it impact your life?

Unfortunately i suffer from it regularly. Not so badly that i cant sleep at all. it just usually takes me a couple of hours to fall asleep. And lets face it, when your lying there doing nothing a couple of hours really feels like forever.

Mostly i think it happens because i stress and worry and overthink absolutely everything in my life. Its my biggest flaw and i hate it so much. i wish i could be more carefree, but doing that, and being happy, is hands down the hardest thing ive ever had to do. And so when im lying in bed and not thinking about all of the things that had me distracted all day, the things that i didnt get a chance to think about creep into my head and then i cant help but go over them over and over and over.

Tricks and remedies? Listening to calming music usually helps. Ill find ill drift off for a bit and when i wake up ill turn the ipod off and then fall asleep.

It doesnt impact my life hugely, just that im more tired (and maybe a little grumpier) the next day. :-)
Tags: writer's block
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