January 22nd, 2008


Hi and welcome to my LJ page that i created a long time ago and just completely forgot about. i figure now is as good a time as any to begin writing.
i worked out that having a diary and living in a house with a snoopy mother and three snoopy brothers was a bad idea. so i figured this could be my next best things. 'amy townsend' is not my name by the way. i love to write i always have. and on here you will be shown into my creative writing as well as my somewhat fucked up life and life issues.
i have a boyfriend and i love him alot. but i am also not one to believe in momogamy. hence the reason for the fucked up life and life issues.
i am very soon going to be moving in with my father, who has been separated from my mother since i was 4. i love him more than anything, very much a daddy's little girl.
writing is a form of outlet for me. if i cant write down what im feeling or if im sad or anything like that i will explode. i used to have a friend (J) and he and i were the closest i think i have ever been to someone who is not a partner or family. we just connected. he told he he changed because of the things that i said, that he was now a better person. too bad he moved away, came back and was a dick again. that was almost 2 years ago and i cant seem to get over him. i still cry about it, its so pathetic. i guess its because i never got any closure, it just ended. no reason, no cause. yet he still seems to think he can call me a friend! i want to tell him he's dreaming. i was the idiot that fell for him in some weird way while i was in the beginning of my relationship with the boy. although (J) told me that he was attracted to me and that he did like me but he would never get in the way of the boy and me. you would think that was nice, until he started completely ignoring me infront of the boy. i ended up being the embarassed girl. i am NEVER the embarassed girl.
anyway i figure that can be enough for today. and i leave you with a quote...
Love is Friendship set on Fire- Jeremy Taylor.
Love (C)
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