February 12th, 2008

entry 2

Welcome back to my LJ!

im trying to be consistent with my entries but i dont know how well i will do. im a bit distracted at the moment. im looking for new work. which is proving more difficult than i though it would be!
my dream is to eventually go to uni but im a bit torn now as to what i want to study. i have always been interested in the legal system, lawyers, detectives, criminal psychologists. just all of it. it fasinated me.
but another interest that ive always had has been with cinema. i know it always sounds so pathetic when someone says 'i want to be an actor' but i think i want to more than anything in the world. i have this hunger for it that is hard to explain. its got nothing to do with the money or the fame. if anything the fame would draw me away, people following you constantly and making up shit, i dont think i would be able to handle it. i would be like johnny depp and live in the south of france! and while being wealthy would be nice, its not thr driving force of my ambition. in the words of orlando bloom (who i love) 'i just wanted to be an actor, the fame bit follows'.
even if i couldnt act i would love to go to somewhere like NIDA and study production. behind the scenes, be a personal assistant, a make-up artist. anything. i just really really crave to be in the movie industry. one day i will pack up and move to LA. i will do it.
i dont know if ive ever really told anyone in full about this ambition so its kind of weird to be putting it here but i would like it to be known. even if you dont know who i am.

and again i leave you with a quote 'A celebrity is someone who spends their whole life trying to get noticed and then wears a hat and dark sunglasses to avoid being noticed.'

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