October 7th, 2008


well im back from my holiday. i went to the motoGP in philip island. we were seated right at the start/finish line and it was so tempting to just jump over the fence, run 10 meters and touch valentino rossi. he really is my idol. i love the bikes and just everything about him is so good. his personality is brilliant. not to mention the fact that he is one of the greatest racers to ever live!
the whole atmosphere down there is so awesome too. we got to philip island on friday afternoon and we went down to watch all the riders do free practice. not to mention the fact that it was pouring rain! and they were still doing 309kms down the straight. my god they are so unbelievably loud! nothing on television and no recordings of the sound will do it justice, i mean it hurts so badly that after an hour you have a headache and there is no way you can tolerate not blocking your ears as they go down the straight.
Saturday was sunny but still freezing but thankfuly not raining, this was good because it meant we got to see them going at full speed around the track. there were a few stacks and in qualifying Valentino fell off and ended up being placed 12th on the grid with Casey Stoner in pole. but it didnt really matter because Valentino had already won the championship last race because he was too far ahead in points for anyone to be able to catch up by the end of the season. But on race day where it was much warmer (but still freezing) and it was perfect conditions for racing. Valentino managed to come from 12th to SECOND! no one could believe it. Casey was in first and Nicky Hayden (2006 world champ) was in 2nd and as the race went on casey just got further and further ahead to the point where there was a 4 second gap between the two. and then valentino managed to shake away from a pack of riders to be 4 seconds behind nicky. then he managed to beat nicky by about a second! it was incredible the guy truly is a god.
and it was fantastic to see 3 of the nicest and most liked riders in the GP on the podium but also three world champions. Nicky '06, Casey '07 and Vale '08. This is Vale's 8th motoGP world title. the most anyone has every gotten is 13. and valentino is 29 so i think he will beat it.
there were over 50,500 people there watching the race. and at the end we invaded the track. it was awesome and then when we had to go i couldnt get up over the wall the i jumped over so i had to be hoisted up by this guy. he was rather hot so it was kind of embarassing to be putting my muddy foot into his hand. but he was the one that came over and offered. my dad was just going to yank me up! lol. so thankyou hot dude! :-)
i didnt really like melbourne that much. everyone says that the shopping is awesome but the only thing i bought there was a book. that i could get at any book store. i was so disappointed. i went into Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and another designer one i cant remember now. oh yeah, Chanel. and i cant believed how expensive everything is! it almost makes me sick to think how much celebrities and all that spend on clothes and bags and shoes. but then i guess it makes me sick with envy too! i love chanel bags, just the little ones. and i lookes at how much they were. $3500. i only just have that to my name! it would be excellent to be rich wouldnt it? i also went into tiffany's. i own one piece of jewellery from there. and look out to my b/f, i want my engagement ring to come from there! everything is so nice! also tag huer watches is another thing on my list. my dad has one and while my watch is also very expensive its not quite in the league of TAG's. so i put in for a b'day pressie. :) but all in all i didnt buy anything and as a reslut of being on my feet for so long my knees hurt for the rest of the trip!
i also got the chance to read alot. i read two books in the time that i was there. the second vampire academy book 'frostbite' by richelle mead. i love these books and i cant wait for the next one. i just want rose and dimitri together! and also 'cruel summer' by alyson noel. at first i didnt know if i was going to like the book because it was written in diary/blog/email format and i dont really like that seeing as you miss out on what the other characters are feeling. i prefer books written in third party format. but there are still many in first person that i love. but anyway i ended up finishing it in one day just because its one of those books that where something bad happens and you just race through to when it is good again. lol.
anyway. going to see the boyfriend tomorrow because its been a week and i miss him like crazy. so that should be good. but until next time thanks for listening to me ramble and if you read this dont be shy, leave a comment.

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