November 1st, 2008

a change

hello all,
sorry its been a while. my computer has done something funny with the internet at my dads house. im at my mums now while the boy is at a work party. a little disappointed that he said that i shouldnt go cuz id be bored but oh well.
well the last post i did, said that i was going to be working part time. well that was arranged i was due to start this coming week. instead last weekend i had a huge emotional breakdown and when i went in to work on monday i resigned. i had a big talk with my dad. possibly one of the longest that ive ever had with him. turns out my moods are a direct inheritance from him! and here i was thinking that i was the odd one out. but i think his are different to mine. and he told me that in regards to working and uni and having money that none of it mattered if i wasnt happy. that it didnt matter what other people said or thought cuz at the end of the day your the one that has to listen to the voice in your head and if its not happy then there is no way that you are. so i repeated this to my work and i resigned. they all agreed it was the best thing that i could do. that cuz im young this is the time that i need to be out experimenting with what i need to do. so now im trying not to worry about the money and just be happy.
moving onto other things the boy got his new car yesterday. well actually its not new and he has had it for a while. its a commodore and he had put it in to be resprayed. yes it did cost him alot of money but it looks really good. so we are just running around doing stuff for it at the moment.
so the aim is that when i finish work at the end of this coming week to get my license and just do alot of research on what i want to study in the coming years. and of course just do a little bit of temp work here and there.
im just undecided and i feel like i should be making decisions now when i shouldnt.
anyway. i need to go my hair now. got some chronic regrowth happening so i hope to talk to you soon.
i might start keeping a bit of a blog on the books i read too. bit of practice for journalism perhaps?
till next time

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