November 5th, 2008


ive decided that im going to start blogging about some books that ive read over the last year or so. (i read alot!) i mainly read teen books as this is what i write also so aside from the obvious (harry potter, twilight) there are three main teen books that always jump to the forfront of my mind when i think of good books. ill put on of them here and i will follow up with the rest later.

this young girl wrote and published this book by the time she was 19... i think. which to me is just inspiring. i have been writing a book since i was 14 and i still havent finished it. its hard when your young and your trying to write and go to school and have a social life, you start to notice your writing style change. and, like me, it just became too much to go back and edit so i sort of gave up. i will finish it one day but in the mean time i write little stories here and there and i have started another book. lol.
the thing that i love about this book is that it is clearly written by a young person. its not an older person trying to be a young person, trying to be cool or grasp our stupid sayings. it is all real. CAESAR is the jock, the guy who can send a wink your way and get you in bed a second later, with no feelings attached. the girls get attached to him of course, the lure of popluarity and the hottest boy in school, but caesar always shrugs away the feelings. until he meets EVA. the slightly asian looking new girl. im assuming thu based eva on alot of her self. but essentially i liked eva because she was a hard ass. and who doesnt like to see a cocky jock fall off his mighty pedestal? there is alot of dialogue (which i like) but no too much that you forget who is talking. i also loved the way that she described the way that caesar feels everything. im not a guy so i dont know if he would actually feel this way but i have a feeling it would be pretty damn close. most guys wouldnt admit to what caesar is feeling though. that is the downfall. they may think it but they would never admit it to anyone let alone the object of their affection. but still its a refreshing point of view and its good to see someone game enough to write that kind of stuff. when i write about teenage stuff i love it cuz i get to make guys anyway that i want. to say and do and be as romantic as ever. and lets face it, thats the way that most of us girls want guys to be so why not indulge in it a little.
the one thing that let me down about this book was the fact that eva and caesar never kiss. i think its the whole point of the story but still i just wanted that sexual tension between them over! you know that casear likes eva way more than she likes him but you know that she is still attracted to him and in some way could be with him. but in the end they are more suited platonicly. (did i spell that right? lol)
i love this book. how it flows nicely and keeps you wanting to read right till the end. Caesars sister annoyed me a bit but there are many families out there who have that kind of situation and i suppose its a bit of a stretch to expect a 17 year old guy to behave rationally in a situation like that.
i would recommend this book to guys and girls. the whole thing is written from a guys perspective after all!
excellent read.
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