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November 6th, 2008


Posted on 2008.11.06 at 14:15
well tomorrow is my last day working for the company that i am currentyly with and to be honest im almost jumping for joy. not because i dont like the place cuz i do the people are nice and i get along with most of them. but i know that i need a change. so the boy will be coming to get me tomorrow night in his car and then im seeing my dads side of the family on sunday. and then im just going to spend most of the first week with my mum. we get along better now so thats good. we're going to go for walks while my little bros are at their various sporting events. lol.
i just want to float for a bit, be a floater. should be fun. and hopefully answers will just pop into my head!
yeah right, i know.
but heres to hoping!

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