November 10th, 2008

first day of unemployment

Hi all,
well today is my first day of unemployment. and boy does it feel good. im at the boys house by myself. mum was meant to have called me already but of course she hasnt and of course her phone is off. i dont mind though. i have all the time in the world. im not worried right now about working and money and everything like that. i just want to enjoy being young and carefree. something i have not yet experienced thanks to stress and worries and everything like that. i just hope i get some closure from all this.
so this week im just going to be with mum and the boy and then next week im going to go driving with dad a bit more so that i can take my test again. and pass this time. sometimes i wish i drove an automatic but you feel like such a better driver in a manual. more control you know?i want a new car as well but money is going to be tight for a little while. and i want to go to europe next year too.
man i need to be rich.
the boys car is all finished. well almost. the wheels are on it and everything, he is just waiting for his new number plates (that i bought).
anyway, mum just rang, finally! so i have to get ready for the beach.