January 1st, 2009

getting better

hello all. Happy New Year! i hope every one had a nice time and didnt drink too much!
sorry its been so long im still having trouble with my internet so im having to use the boys computer which proves to be a little awkward. lol.
well nothing new to report really, still not working, im feeling a little better than i was a few weeks ago but i know im still not 100% and i want to be so badly. i got my license a few weeks ago so that means that now im kind of obligated to go and find new work even though i REALLY dont want to. i love the fact that i can drive though, i feel so much more independant. although now driving around in my shit box makes me really want a new car, for which i need a job! lol.
so came to the boys place on monday night and he said that he was going to make me dinner, so got here and he had set up the table by the pool with candles and everything and he had made me a baked dinner (very well i might add)! it was so cute. then he said there was more so he took me upstairs where he had run me a bubble bath in his spa bath and then lit more candles and had nice music playing. i almost started crying it was so cute and it just made me realise how lucky i am to have someone like him. as much as he annoys me sometimes and as much as i annoy him i really think we're perfect for each other.
the only thing thats starting to get to me is this though: over the course of 2008 he lost about 35 kilos that he had put on after a shoulder reconstruction so now he is really fit, and apparently with being really fit comes a very high libido. and with me being mostly depressed and on the pill my libido is basically non existent! lol. he was always into it about the same or a little more than me in the first stages of our relationship but now its just crazy! and i think its cuz he's more confident in his new body too.
so what else to report? well ive done a bit more writing, alot more reading, been making my way though every season of "house m.d" and i also watched season two of "the o.c" and i just bought season 3 of "NCIS" i wanted season 1 of "Bones" cuz i love that show but because its on tv at the moment i deliberated too much and it sold out so ill just have to wait.
anyway i think thats about it. me and the boy are leaving at 3 am to go on holidays with his family up north, they have been there for a week already. im excited been keen for ages!
love lots.