March 20th, 2009


good afternoon all,
how are we? im not doing too bad actually. im happy because i got a job! just simple stuff, full time to give me money when i go overseas. ive paid for my passport (thank god they dont need to be updated often!) and apparently my ticket has been organised. My poppy is coming over with me two and staying for a couple of weeks so at least i wont get completely confused at airports and getting onto connecting flights. and because my poppy is a young poppy it should be good fun!
im feeling much better. sometimes i have lapses of doubt with myself and my abilities but i know that i can surpass them. ive got a job ive got my license and im going to europe in a few months. not to mention i have the best boyfriend in the world!
currently the boy is looking at houses to buy. just himself though. he will live in it for a little while, and i will join him sometimes, but essentially he wants to put renters in there and have them pay enough to cover his monthly payments on the mortgage. he almost bought an apartment the other day but then he decided that he could see himself more in a house, as he will eventually live in it.
ive been going to the gym alot more too. i always do cycle classes but ive been going up to do weight training to get some muscle into my skinny little arms. not to mention i want to be in shape for a summer in Europe!
i even signed up to do boot camp! crazy i know, but i was pumped, then i sprained my wrist about a week before boot camp started so i really struggled when i went, i had to tape up my wrist and take it easy. but bloody hell i was so sore the enxt day i could barely walk or move my arms. actually my torso was way more sore than my legs.
speaking of the gym, there is this totally hot guy that works there. my god that sounds juvenile. he is a personal trainer so he was one of the guys running the boot camp and he is also the instructor for the cycle classes.
He is 20, not hugely tall, dark hair. and i believe he has some aboriginal and something else in him. he only looks a small part islander. but he has the best body ever. i like guys with nice bums and boy does he have a nice bum. its like a bubble. lol. but his legs too and cuz they are hairless you can see all the definition. (sounds wierd i know) but when he's your instructor in a cycle class you cant help but notice! but he is just really sweet as well. when i went to the gym the day after boot camp he came and found me to make sure i was ok. i hate having stupid little infatuated crushes on guys but at the same time they are really fun! lol. i assumed he was in his mid 20's so when i found out he was only 20 i was like yes only a year older than me!
anyway i have to get ready to go out now. i hope all is well. ill check in when i can.
love to all.
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