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August 21st, 2009

I Am A Writer

Posted on 2009.08.21 at 02:58

Ok, before i post the link to this story let me just give you a little background.  I wrote this whilst sick and holidaying in Biarritz, South of France. Unfortunately the weather wasnt too good and like i said i was sick, i was coughing my guts up, literally. lol.  I bought my laptop with me (wise idea) and felt like writing. I started and the following story just poured out of me. I wanted to write a short story and i think this is about 8 or 9 pages. which by my standards is short!
So lets lay some things out. Yes the story is based on me and my friendship with J, no these are not our real names, and no his father was never abusive. Sometimes i just like to use our friendship as creative firepower when i write and so i see the two of us in the forefront of my mind while i am writing. So no nothing like this ever happened. but we were as close as this. I really really like this story and i hope you do too. Enjoy.


We're Going To Be Friends ForeverCollapse )

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