November 18th, 2009


My partner M, has a cousin S who is one year younger than him. And when he graduated highschool he decided to join the Army (mainly to piss off his parents i think!) and because we are Australian and dont have as many people in the defence forces like say, America, this was a pretty big deal. Mostly we graduate highschool and then move on to university. S has been in the army for a year now. he is specialising with rifles and plans to become a sniper. He will sign up for 3 years of service at the end of his training in 2010 and will do his first tour of Afghanistan in 2011 for 8 months. And he will return any time that he is required in the 3 years that he has enlisted for. S went to training with a girlfriend back home who at the end of the day couldnt stand the distance and broke it off, even though a week later he got placed about an hour away from her anyway. She still didnt want to be with him. (her loss, he is looking mighty fine with his army boy haircut and camo getup!) S said that for a few weeks there he felt like his heart had been ripped out of his chest, that nothing was worth it anymore and it made it harder to do all the training exercises. So even though the end of this story doesnt end as tragically as S's i still used him as inspiration and i still wanted to try and convey that while men have a tougher exterior and you dont think that they can be hurt that they can. they really can love as passionately and fully as we girls do. And even a big tough guy like S will admit to how much it hurt. I suppose his tour of Afghanistan might just be that much easier without missing her though...
Anyway in keeping with tradition of naming my short stories after the two main characters this one is called 'Brady & Liv.'

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