December 8th, 2009

Team Jacob

Hello Everyone!
Well i decided that i wanted to have a little rant about the twilight franchise.
First and foremost, i admit that after Twilight that i was a Team Edward, little hard to be anything else when Jacob was barely in it! But as the series progressed and then i read them a second time around i realised that i truly was a team Jacob. Yes, Edward is the epitome of human(ish) perfection, but to me the character of Jake, while a little more immature, is just so much more fun and so much warmer than the ever careful and somewhat distant Edward. In saying that though i did not want Bella to get with Jacob in the end, i did want her with Edward. I am not a Team Jacob in the sense that i was rooting for Bella and Jacob to get together in the end.
So i liked the Twilight movie enough, apart from the fact that the make-up was freakin' terrible, and as continued in New Moon, the way Kirsten Stewart acts is just annoying. She stutters and stumbles, and stares at Jacob and Edwards mouths all the time. Plus in looks wise she isnt Bella, not to me anyway. Edward, to me isnt close enough to the Edward in the book, he seems a little stiffer, which is why i liked Jacob so much better, he more fun, more smiley.
In New Moon the make-up looks so much better, they dont look like they are wearing face paint! it looks natural, and Taylor Lautner was surprisingly good considering the amount of hype that he needed to live up to.
it was all Team Edward Team Edward when the first movie came out, then some pictures of Taylor Lautner and his FINE new body caused everyone to go Team Jake. I went to buy a Jacob poster at the movies and they were all sold out. (plenty of Edward ones though)
While i agree that Edward is a likable character, i just dont think that Robert Pattinson does him justice. He seems awkward, and while book Edward is cautious he is not awkward, he is more aware of himself and what he does to Bella. I agree with the casting of Edward more than i do of Bella though. But both Robert Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart as people bother me. They do nothing but evade questions (granted they are mainly about weather they are together or not) in interviews, Kirsten never looks like she has put any effort into her appearance and Rob is like a girl with how much he runs his hands through his hair! *Deep Breath*
Ok New Moon the movie i did like, it followed the book quite well, but it just felt a little slow moving for me. But i did enjoy it over all.
Team Jacob!

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