December 22nd, 2009


I saw Avatar, I saw Avatar, I saw Avatar! Man is that the most amazing movie or what? I knew it was going to be long but it really didnt feel like it went for almost three hours. And i loved how they didnt make the fight at the end drag on and on like they do with some movies.

SPECIAL FX: god with a budget of $459 Million as rumored you would hope that they were amazing, and they were, all the facial expressions and the movement, im just in awe of the CGI technology that we have these days. Sigourney Weaver's Avatar looked exactly like her as did the character of Norm. I only saw Sam Worthington some times in his and had a really hard time seeing Zoe Saldana in Neytiri, but never mind. The effects were what was amazing.

The acting was brilliant, and to be honest im a little chuffed that Jim Cameron chose an aussie to head up this master piece, if no one has heard of Sam Worthington before get out there and hire the newest Terminator and get your ass to a cinema to watch Avatar. He was perfect for the role of Jake. He suited the Marine role, the disabled role and the Avatar role. Zoe Saldana was excellent too, a little over the top sometimes in the emotion but i felt the chemistry between Neytiri and Jake. Giovanni Ribisi was also great as the head of the organisation.

STORYLINE: Does Jim Cameron have an awesome mind or what? Like Steven Spielberg and George Lucas who are creators of amazing worlds of their own, i just continue to be baffled as to how they come up with stories like that of the one in Avatar. Pandora looks like an Amazing world. It glows and the creatures, while some are scary most are beautiful. But it just amazes me how someone can say, 'i want this to look like this' and 'this to glow' and 'for these mountains to float' how do you come up with a world like that? To think of a planet name (Pandora) a race name and description (Na'vi, 9foot tall and blue. and dont get me started on the way that the Na'vi can connect themselves to any creature via a fibre optic like thing in their tail. It just makes it so much more spiritual and person. Yet another brilliant idea. ) just this unbelievable world. i cant wrap my head around it. I believe it is also going to be a trilogy.

A masterpiece in true James Cameron form. A must see movie and one that will be talked about for years to come. If James Cameron wasnt already Famous Avatar would have made him.
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