January 19th, 2010


Hello Everybody!
I hope you all had a very good christmas. Sorry i havent checked in in a bit. But you know christmas, no matter who you are or where you are its always going to be busy. So ill go over things that have happened, since then and things im feeling i suppose, like normal. :-)

First things first. My christmas was pretty amazing. As you know my parents are separated. On the 20th of Dec the boy and i went up to my mums new place that she and her fiance have just bought to have christmas with my grandparents and mums Fiance family. Boy was that crazy! S (the fiance) has 4 kids 10 and under so they were going mad for the presents. But then S's 3 sisters with their kids were there to, and even though they are grown up it was still pretty crazy! mum and i didnt do christmas this year because for both of us its been pretty hectic, but the new place is nice (like 200-300 meters to sand!) and it was really good to catch up seeing as i only see her once every couple of months.

Then on the 25th was christmas with my dads side of the family which i really enjoy because we are all so close. and it was the first time that i got to see my aunty since ive been back from Europe and she has done her Everest climb. She said it was half amazing half she didnt know what she was thinking when she agreed to it! But all of my cousins are really good, Im the oldest, and my brother is second (our dad is the oldest of four) and our 5 cousins are all still in school, the youngest one being 9 i think. :-/. But Aunty bought us all stuff back from Everest so we got little keepsakes.

In terms of presents though, of Dad and my Stepmum i got an Amazon Kindle (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Been wanting one for ages) and a leather case for it, chocolate, a book on writing and a mini cupcake kit (its so cute).
Of the relos i got jewelry, stuff so i stop biting my nails, and giftcards.
now the boy and i also agreed not to do christmas this year because he is about to go study and therefore cant work so he is meant to be saving and since i cant find work for some reason i cant be spending money either. But he went and broke the rules and told me on christmas eve so i couldnt go and get him anything! it was only little though as he promised, two books, a facial (which was divine!) and a couple of gag presents (a Stig money box and a pooping penguin).
But the kindle is what im stoked with, i love it!

On the 27th i went with the boy and his family up north as usual, this was our 4th year in a row that we have been going. It was boiling hot on the day that we got there and we needed to set up camp and my face went so red. I swear over the next few days i was applying so much moisturiser! and i was lucky, my nose only peeled the tiniest amount! but after that first day it poured for like the next 3 days. Im talking constant downpour i think it might have let up for about an hour but thats it. Then the last three days it was warm, like swimming hot, but it wasnt that sunny, just humid, which sucks.
But anyway on the first non raining day that we had the boy managed to convince me to come and watch him, his brother and friend surf. So i chucked on a dress grabbed my sunnies and went and sat on a sand dune and read while he surfed (my man is a man of many talents :-)) and because it was cloudy i only put sunscreen on my face. oh boy was that a big mistake! the top part of my back that was exposed to the sun got sooooo red it wasnt that painful at the start, the boy was good putting moisturiser and ice on it but come two days later the day we were leaving, when it was mostly faded it was agonizing. the slightest movement would just sting! and then of course it peeled a little.
We hade NYE up there too, and to be frank, it sucked. The DJ refused to play anything newer than 1995 and whenever anybody jumped on the floor the music would skip. and then he didnt even give us a countdown to Midnight, just said welcome to 2010! so pissed off, so i went and had a shower and the bo and i went to bed.
Then we had a week to ourselves at home before the rest of the family got back which was also nice. Lots of swimming in the pool!

Ive been writing more. Im easily halfway or more through my second book. i didnt take my laptop camping so i bought a notebook and pen and whenever i had a thought i jotted it down. but its piecing together much easier and nicer than my current completed one. Im not worring about chapters or anything just now just separating them with *** and ill piece it all together and name them and add is songs and quotes at the beginning of each chapter as is my tradition!

ok, now i graduated highschool in 2007 and my grade wasnt good enough to get into uni. Over here if that is the case you have to wait until you are 21, or a mature age student, before you can reapply to complete a degree. So i have been looking in how to do that because i will have to apply at the end of this year to start next year. a little nervous and scared because by the time i will be starting ill be 21 and a half and i wont be able to work full time which probably means that the boy and i wont be able to move out until i finish. But we have talked about if i can bring in a little money and he is on a proper wage then he will support me. which is nice and it will probably end up happening because i dont want to be together 10 years before we move out. and ive told him if he still hasnt proposed by 25 i wont be impressed!

so the job thing. Man the economy sucks ever since i got back from Europe i havent been able to find work. Ok let me rephrase that, if i wanted to work full time again i am pretty sure i would have got a job by now, but working full time again when i dont have something like europe to look forward to i think would just depress me again. and while im only seeing the boy on weekends now i know that if i really feel like it i can just up and go and see him. if im tied down by a full time job then i know i will begin to feel down again. I want to work part time so i can write, get this second book finished before i go to uni and dont have time for anything. I also want to try and get my first book out there but i need money to do that! i want to just keep a part time job that will allow me to go to work and uni instead of finding another full time one and having to drop it in a years time. My resume will make me look like the flakiest employee!

Anywho going to jobsearch and write now, or i might eat first.