AmyTownsend (amytownsend) wrote,

Random Ramblings

Sometimes ill be watching tv or a movie, listening to music or reading and all of a sudden words start invading my mind, just short little nothings that sound good. so i write them down. so i thought id share some of them here.

"You can only be successful when you are happy and you can only be happy when you are successful. Love is connected to happiness but love is also connected to sadness. Success, happiness, love, sadness. All connected, all part of each and every day that we encounter. Some experience one emotion more than the other and others wont be able to distinguish between any of them. Success, happiness, love, sadness. Is one more important than the other? Do they all need to coincide in order to function? Or are they simply there as a means of expressing ourselves. To FIND love, to EARN success, to MAINTAIN happiness and ENDURE sadness. All are there, all are real..."

"Sometimes YOU are the only reason i write. What i had with you and what i eventually lost hurt me in a way that i didn't think possible for a person as young as i was. But alas, here i am still thinking, still hurting and still using it as a means to vent all of my anger and sadness through the characters that end up like you without me even realising it. You were my first heartbreak, the first thing that made me see the downside in love. You made me realise that despite the fact we got on so well, you weren't who i thought you were. Love is a way to express how you feel to another person, or maybe, several people. But at the time, that didn't matter, i just wanted you to show it to me... I'm still waiting..."

"I'm stronger than you give me credit for... i have to be dont i? ive been around people who put me down and belittle me all my life. its those special few who treat me with love and respect that get my love and respect in return. You say i do nothing... bite me, i work harder than you will ever know just to make sure that i will never end up like you. You are NOT someone to be admired..."

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